Why choose us

Why Choose Us

Our reputation is build on over 40 years of excellent performance and dedicated service to customers. We are committed for achieving a superior level of performance in everything we do. The latest manufacturing technology and techniques are employed to ensure that all our products are supplied exactly as per the customers drawing & specification with on time delivery.

Excellent and Proven Performance :-

We are an approved defence supplier for arms and ammunition stores and registered with various Ordnance Factories for supply of critical stores like Fuzes, Primers, Tail Units, Training Devices, Shells for HE Bombs etc. which itself spell out the level of quality which we produce.

Quality Level :-

Strict adherence to international quality management standards. We are dedicated to precision manufacturing, overseeing every minute details of our production process with keen and expert eyes. This ensures a reliable quality of our finished products.

Why choose us
Why choose us

Competitive Pricing :-

Our superior technology and lean system reduces cost. Our costs are competitive and we are constantly improving our processes for better pricing structure.

On time delivery :-

On time delivery is crucial. We value the importance of timely and efficient production and delivery of product to our clients. When production time is pressured by some external factors, we possess the ability to provide a quick turnaround and to revise the run cycles and watch possible variations in the prescribed schedule.

We deliver on Promise : a working partnership with our customers streamline production and ensure an extremely high on time delivery rate.

Lead Time:-

Within any reasonable requested time demanded on the basis of availability of raw material and other inputs.

A dedicated and experienced workforce:

Our production staff, professional engineers and quality control specialist has the skills needed to deliver the high quality products which our client demands. Highly intricate products encourages the workforce to think creatively and out of the box.

Why choose us
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