ALCAST core competencies lies on its highly skilled people engaged in manufacturing sophisticated engineering products as well as assemblies, the integration and its final testing. Professionally qualified management team and 40 years of manufacturing and machining experience and expertise of production staff, machinists, machine operators, assemblers, programmers and quality control personal leads to attainable manufacturing outcomes.

Training and Mentoring:-

Training and Mentoring makes the difference in ALCAST.

We provide all the resources for training to our employees. In addition, we also have an in-house technical library to enhance and support the knowledge of our engineers and other technical staff.

The primary objective of ALCAST’s training and mentoring is to encourage employee to make a difference within the workplace, giving them the opportunities to explore their capabilities.



  • Fewer errors and increased productivity
  • Reduction in the requirement for technical support
  • Lower scrap and re-work levels
  • Improved quality control, accuracy and repeatability
  • Behavioral Changes- Decision making, questioning and planning culture
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